Verandah | Pergola designs

A Verandah or Pergola is the perfect addition that provides privacy as well as an ideal spot to relax on your own or with family and friends.

  • Flat Verandahs can be attached or freestanding to extend from your home
  • A Gable Verandah is a pitched roof which gives you more height and an open spacious feel. You can combine a Flat and Gable roof verandah to add character
  • Curved Verandah designs provide sophisticated arched lines giving visual appeal and can be combined with a Flat Roof Verandah
  • Combination Verandah, you can combine Flat Gable Roof Verandah or Flat & Curve to add character
  • A Flyover verandah gives a flat roof feel with the added height that stretches over your existing roof allowing extra air flow
  • A Pergola is an open roof structure which does not require a permit if under 20sqm

Flat Roof Verandah

  • Flat Roof Verandah & Pergola designs
  • Flat Roof Pergola using Colorbond Steel or Polycarbonate Multiwall & Sunglaze
  • Flat Roof Verandah can be combined with Gable or Curved roof options
  • Flyover Verandah gives extra height over existing roof
  • Long span roofing sheets gives clean lines and no bulky beams
  • CDeck roofing - colour Surfmist, Vanilla & Sahara options
  • Flat Roof Verandah can have a Overhang to front
  • ...

Curved Roof Verandah

  • Curved Roof Verandah gives a sleek modern look with clean lines
  • Curved Roof profile with design options to add flat roof combinations
  • The curved roof can span up to 6.0 meters with no internal posts
  • Curve Roof can have open end options or closed with infills
  • Curved Roof Verandahs & Pergolas in colorbond steel roofing, posts & beams
  • Curved Roof Verandah in Polycarbonate Multiwall or Sunglaze
  • Flat Curved Flat desig...

Insulated Roofing

  • Insulated Roofing Panel Ceiling is a great insulated roof for cooler summers and warmer winters
  • Flat Roof or Gable we can provide an insulated Solarspan roofing option
  • Verandah & Alfresco Insulated Roofing options
  • A Solarspan Insulated Roof provides Insulation and Noise Reduction
  • We can Run Lighting & Fans in the roofing panels
  • Create a Sun Room Enclosure with Insulated Roofing can reduce condensation and is a perfect encl...

Gable Roof Verandah

  • Colorbond Gable Roof Verandah is a Pitched Roof for added height
  • We can design Flat Gable Flat options
  • Add Fans; Downlights to ridge of gable
  • We build Verandahs | Pergolas in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs & Western Suburbs
  • Posts can be built on boundary if you have a narrow walkway or access
  • Building Permits are Included, we cater for all dispensations required
  • We build Gable Verandahs in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs...

Patio Enclosures | Sunrooms

  • We can create a sun-room extension to your home with colorbond roof, bi-fold or sliding doors &  windows
  • Alfresco Enclosures to create a sun-room and weatherproof area
  • Use ziptrack blinds to corner off an area or create a comfortable outdoor dining area
  • We can construct your flat or gable roof verandah and install windows & sliding doors to create a games rooms, sunroom, kids play area or a perfect BBQ area to entertain
  • Colorbond p...

Patio Blinds

  • Create an Enclosure to your verandah with Outdoor Patio Blinds
  • Using quality materials like Vistaweave or PVC
  • We can install several operating methods like winder, rope & pulley, spring roller & our favourite Ziptrack
  • We will install blinds made to measure - between our posts and create an area to suit your needs
  • Using Vistaweave blinds is a great way to enclose an area or keep out most of the elements
  • Patio Blinds are a c...

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